River's Edge golf course, alpena, michigan

Fourth Annual Jeff Wallace Memorial Golf Outing 
Contests and Games

Hole #1: Sponsored by Manfred and Bettina Muller-- -- "Dire Straights." Hit the straightest drive on this hole to win a 3-1 game table and a copy of Dire Straits greatest hits!  

Hole #2: Sponsored by ​John Karsnick, Jr. and Hall's Serv-all -- "Closest-to-the-Can."  Be the golfer who places his/her tee shot closest to the toddler potty and win a to be determined prize!

Hole #3:  Hole and Contest sponsored by Cliff Anschuetz Chevrolet -- "Hole-in-One," Be the first lucky golfer to ace #3 and win a car!

Hole #4: Sponsored by Alpena Family Dentistry  -- "Secrest's Selfie Contest." Take a selfie with the picture of JW, then post it on FB using the hashtag #jwmemorial for a chance to win a basket of JW's favorites! 

Hole #5: Hole and Contest sponsored by The Wallace Firm, P.C. -- "Home Run Challenge."  Hit the longest-drive with a baseball bat to win two tickets to the Detroit Tigers vs. the LA Dodgers!

Hole #6: Hole and Contest sponsored by Manfred and Bettina Muller  

Hole #7:  Sponsored by Bryan Strong, Edward Jones-- "Ring of Cash."  Make a bet of $5 or $10 that your tee shot will stop within the circle around the pin - complete the task and double your money.  On the green, but not in the circle?  Keep your money.  Miss the green?  Thank you for the donation!

Hole #8:  Sponsored by Huron Distributors, Local Basket Case, WATZ -- "No Cheeks Shortest Drive Contest."  The "winner" of this contest takes home a prize.

Hole #9: Hole and Contest sponsored by Rick and Shelli Dolly -- "Marshmallow Launch."  Ever wonder how far you can hit a marshmallow off of the tee?  Here's your chance to find out.  Play your ball from your team's best hit marshmallow.  Longest marshmallow drive wins a JBL Pulse 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker!

Hole #10:  Hole and Game sponsored by ​Besser Co.  -- "Vegas Style," Once everyone in your foursome hits his/her tee shot, one member of your team will roll a die to determine which tee shot you will play your second ball from - roll a five and it's a team selection, roll a six and it's dealer's choice.  Be sure to tip the dealer!

Hole #11: Hole and Contest sponsored by The Winger Family -- "Daly Drive." This longest drive requires using a beer can as your tee, in true JD fashion. Longest drive wins a Grill and Cooler!

Hole #12: Sponsored by Pathfinder Systems -- "Closest-to-the-Pin."  Land your tee shot closest-to-the-pin for a prize! 

Hole #13: Hole sponsored by The Jakubcins and The Granatas -- "Gilmore'd."   

Hole #14: Sponsored by Alpena Agency  -- "Hole in-10K."  Be the first lucky golfer to ace #14 and win $10,000.00!

Hole #15: Hole and Contest sponsored by the Real Estate One of Alpena -- "Rolling Acreage." Blind approach to the green with a Longest Putt Contest where the winner will need to cover a lot of real estate.   

Hole #16: Sponsored by ​Omega Electric -- "Fives."  Play the entirety of #5 with JW's favorite club, the Five Iron - yes, that includes putting! 

Hole #17:  Hole and Game sponsored by JW's Girls -- "JW's boys"  Play the entirety of this hole with youth clubs!

Hole #18: Hole sponsorship available and Contest sponsored by First Federal of Northern Michigan -- "Both Cheeks Longest Drive Contest."  When JW got a hold of a drive, he would like to say "Got both cheeks into that one."  Here, after paying an entry fee of $5, you have a chance to do just that.  Longest drive takes home half of the entry fee (other half to the cause) plus a $50 cash prize.  Last year the winner took home ~$150!

"Better than Average Golfer - Scramble Edition." Sponsored by StrataTox (Ken Wallace): At the end of the day, we'll tally up all the scores and calculate the average score.  The team who scored average (or closest to without going over) wins a cash prize.

"King of the Course."  Sponsored by Bob Wallace, Adam  Wallace, Dave Wallace, and Andy Rosko. At the beginning of the round each team is given a colored golf ball with a number written on it.  During the round, the team alternates who plays that ball on each hole.  If your team doesn't lose the colored golf ball, it gets entered into a drawing at the end of the round.  Winning team gets a pint of Crown Royal (a JW favorite)  for each golfer.  If everyone loses the ball, Dylan wins and keeps the liquor.Type your paragraph here.

JW never needed a good reason

to have fun, but we ​have ours!