Seventh Annual Jeff Wallace Memorial Golf Outing
Contests and Games

Hole #1:  Hole and Contest sponsored by Manfred and Bettina Mueller -- "Dire Straights." Hit the straightest drive on this hole to win a  Yeti Cooler!  

Hole #2:  Hole and Contest  sponsored by Pathfinder -- "Hand Wedge Hero." Longest golf ball throw for a Visa gift card, ProBar Mobility System, and Tiger.   

Hole #3:  Hole and Contest sponsored by Cliff Anschuetz Chevrolet -- "Hole-in-Trax." Be the first lucky golfer to ace #3 and win a 2020 Chevrolet Trax!

Hole #4: Hole and Contest sponsored by The Wallace Firm, P.C. -- "Home Run Challenge." Hit the longest-drive with a baseball bat to win to be announced! 

Hole #5: Hole and Contest sponsored by MI Armory -- "Blow it out your WallASS." TnT Golfapalooza will be hosting this closest-to-the-pin contest where you will tee off using an air cannon to launch the golf ball +325 yards to the green with the winner getting to be announced.

Hole #6: Contest sponsored by Rodney and JoEllen Lang -- Contest to be announced! 

Hole #7: Hole sponsored by The Local Basket Case, Nate Grueter, Nick Stephan, Nick Story, Ryan Gallagher, Bob Wallace, Margo Jelneck, Andy Lappan, Susan Karsnick-- "Potluck." Closest to the pin wins half the pot. 

Hole #8: "Fives."  Play the entirety of #5 with JW's favorite club, the Five Iron; yes, that includes putting!

Hole #9: Hole and Contest sponsored by Rick and Shelli Dolly -- "Marshmallow Launch" is back! Whoever drives his/her marshmallow the furthest from the tee wins two (2) Yeti koozies and a red, white, and blue eno hammock with Atlas suspension set! 

Hole #10: Hole and Contest sponsored by Besser Co. -- "Tin Cup Challenge."  On this short Par 4, golfers will elect to go for the green (~260 yards from the Men's tees) or play it safe - but the golfer that puts, at most, his/her second shot closest to the pin (*second shot must be from the tee box side of the river), will win a custom fire ring courtesy of our friends at Besser! 

Hole #11: Hole and Contest sponsored by the Winger Family -- "Daly Drive." This longest drive requires using a beer can as your tee, in true JD fashion. Longest drive wins a Webber Smoker!

Hole #12: Hole and Contest sponsored by Andrew Rosko, MD, U of M Head and Neck Surgery --   "Closest-to-the-Pin."  Land your tee shot closest-to-the-pin to win a to be announced! 

Hole #13: Hole sponsored by Star Staffing Alpena and Sunrise Fencing LLC -- "Gilmore'd."   We'll let you assume what this hole entails. 

Hole #14: Hole and Contest sponsored by Lappan Agency -- "Hole in-10K."  Be the first lucky golfer to ace #14 and win $10,000.00!

Hole #15: Hole and Contest sponsored by Real Estate One of Alpena -- "Rolling Acreage." Blind approach to the green with a Longest Putt Contest where the winner will need to cover a lot of real estate. Winner will get a Blackstone Griddle donated by Nick Stephan, Chuck Attwell, Steve Attwell, and Tim Murphy.    

Hole #16: Hole and Contest sponsored by Alpena Family Dentistry -- "JW Selfie Contest." Take a selfie with the life-size JW, then post it on FB using the hashtag #jwmemorial for a chance to win (make it public for all to see)!  

Hole #17:  Hole and Game sponsored by Rabbit Hole -- "Speed Hole" 

Hole #18: Hole and Contest sponsored by Marc Ferguson of Edward Jones​ -- "Both Cheeks Longest Drive Contest."  When JW got a hold of a drive, he would like to say "Got both cheeks into that one."  Longest drive takes home a prize!

"Better than Average Golfer - Scramble Edition." Sponsored by StrataTox LLC (Ken Wallace). At the end of the day, we'll tally up all the scores and calculate the average score.  The team who scored average (or closest to without going over) wins a cash prize.

"King of the Course."  Sponsored by Bob Wallace. At the beginning of the round each team is given a colored golf ball with a number written on it.  During the round, the team alternates who plays that ball on each hole.  If your team doesn't lose the colored golf ball, it gets entered into a drawing at the end of the round.  Winning team gets a pint of Crown Royal (a JW favorite)  for each golfer.  If everyone loses the ball, Chelsea wins and keeps the liquor.​

JW never needed a good reason

to have fun, but we ​have ours!


See you June 12, 2021!