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ARMC Emergency Department Renovation Project

In 2014 the Alpena Regional Medical Center began its Emergency Room project, a project that involved a much-needed renovation of our ER. This was a $7.5 million campaign, which included a goal of raising $2 million from the Alpena community.  

The 1st Annual Jeff Wallace Memorial Golf Outing was around the very beginning of the ER project and we were able to raise $6,000.00.  The 2nd Annual JW Memorial Golf Outing saw us raise even more at $8,200.00.  As a bonus, our second outing fell within the scope of the Besser Foundation's gift match of 1:1, which meant that the Besser Foundation had committed to matching every dollar given.  Therefore, our efforts in 2015 brought a total of $16,400.00 in actual funds to the ER project. 

Over the course of two golf outings, we were thus able to help raise $22,400.00 for a wonderful cause.  And we could not have done this without each of our amazing sponsors, golfers, and volunteers. 

On February 25, 2016, the ARMC Development Council announced that the ER project was completed.  The ER renovation upgraded the ER's room capacity from 14 bays to 20 private rooms, with 21 beds; a 2,430 square foot expansion; and significant upgrades in technology and medical equipment.  To learn more about the exciting new ER, click HERE

Since the ARMC ER renovation, we have helped raise an additional $20,800 for the local hospital to be used for its purchase of a linear accelerator.  Thank you for your help in accomplishing this amazing fete! 

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